• Sake



Gekkeikan (Small) 6
Gekkeikan (Large) 9


Served Chilled

Genbei Onikoroshi ‘Demon Slayer’ (Honjozo)

A powerful and tenacious sake. Smooth wit flavors of fennel, spice and melon 8

Chokara Hakushika (Junmai) 300ml Bottle

Sake with dry, refreshing taste, sharp finish 18

Housui ‘Fragrant Water’ (Tokubetsu Junmai)

Aroma of sourness from yeast mash blended with grain sweetness. Pleasant and hardy aftertaste 7

Tsukinowa Kinen ‘Blue Hue’ (Honjozo)

Midly dry, light with a soft vanilla sweetness 6

Tsukuba ‘Mighty Peak’ (Tokubetsu Junmai)

Flowery, candy-like aroma accompanied with sweet mash dryness 7

Wakatake ‘Demon Slayer’ Genshu (Tokubetsu Junmai) 300ml Bottle

Round aroma of grain, cream, melon & apricot. Very dry, complex yet balanced with smooth & mild texture 13

Umenishiki ‘Plum Forest’ Oh Kara (Junmai) 300ml

Herbal aroma of shiso leaf & plum combined with grain, cream & nut. Very dry with soft texture & savory finish 14

Masumi Karakuchi Kiipon (Junmai Ginjo) (55% Polish)

Dry, balanced nicely with fruity flavor of apple & citrus fruit. Very elegant taste with hints of cream & mineral 8

Narutotai ‘Naruto’s Sea Bream’ Nama Genshu (Ginjo) (58% Polish)

Rich, powerful & complex with an amazingly sweet & refreshing nutty aroma 9

Gekkeikan Suzaku ‘Vermillion Bird’ (Junmai Ginjo) 300ml Bottle

Fine fruity aroma of pear, honeydew and pineapple. Remarkably smooth on the palate 17

Gekkeikan Horin ‘Good Fortune’ (Junmai Daiginjo) 300ml Bottle

Mild with notes of cantaloupe & honeysuckle. Well-balanced with an exceptionally smooth, long & clean finish 19

Ten To Chi ‘Heaven & Earth’ (Junmai Daiginjo)

Sweet and savory notes of chestnuts and toasty rice. Dry, clean, medium bodied with a spicy, crisp finish 9

Gekkeikan Zipang (Sparkling Junmai) 250ml Bottle

Lively & bright with hints of tropical fruits, a medium-body and a refreshingly light finish 10

TY KU Coconut Nigori (Junmai)

Silky texture with the refreshingly sweet taste of coconut & hints of vanilla 6

Gekkeikan Nigori (Junmai) 300ml Bottle

Sweet with a thick & grainy texture. Medium-body with hints of honey, coconut & banana 10

Miyashita ‘Sacred Mist’ Nigori 300ml Bottle

Premium Nigori 18

Wakatake Onikoroshi Nigori

Glass 9
500ml Bottle 29

Yoshinogawa Gensen Karakuchi

Classic, Extra-dry style, clean and crisp with integrated notes drawn directly from the Niigata climate 6

Kasumi Tsuru Kimoto (Junmai)

Extra-dry, fascinating sherry-like impression with earthy notes of roasted nuts, smoke, shiitake and dried fruit
Glass 8
750ml Bottle 43

Joto (Junmai)

Soft, relaxed and mellow, with notes of peaches and strawberries 7